Ray Bunn's Landscape Maintenance - Licensed & Insured. In business since 1978
Services you can rely on
At Ray Bunn's Landscape Maintenance we understand the importance of getting it right the first time.  We can help you refresh, change, or maintain the look of your landscape.  We can also offer advice on a new or existing landscape configuration that best suits your needs and yard size.
My crew and I will give your yard or business a well-groomed look that you can be proud of.  Lawns will be kept in a healthy growing condition.  Shrubs and ground cover will be trimmed as necessary to maintain a healthy appearance. 
Leaf clean-up will be done in the fall and winter months or as otherwise needed.  Your irrigation system will be programmed to meet the seasonal watering requirements of each specific landscape  area.
Below are just a few of the services we offer our customers
* Weekly / bi-weekly maintenance
* Landscape upgrades
* Drought resistant landscape designs / installs
* Sod lawn installation
* Bark installation
* Flower display designs (Perennial  & Annual)
* Trim / shape / prune shrubs, hedges, trees
* Mow / Edge
* Blow drive-way / parking lot / patio
* Sprinkler / irrigation repairs
* Repair or install irrigation controller (clock / timer)
* Weed control
* Fertilization
* And more!
We can check your existing sprinkler system and make the necessary repairs in a timely manner to insure that your landscape is ready to take on the hot weather. Broken pipes and faulty or missing sprinkler heads can cause your water bill to sky-rocket and your landscape to suffer. 
We offer a wide array of sprinkler systems, including:
  • Rotating sprinklers
  • Fixed spray sprinklers
  • Landscape and drip irrigation
  • Sprinkler and irrigation controllers
  • Valve manifolds
  • New installations
  • Affordable repairs
All cuttings, debris, & leaves will be hauled away by us on the same day of service and not be left curbside to blow back into your yard. No need to wait until trash day to have the city haul it away - This is a big plus with my customers.
Hedge trimmed and shaped with neat lines and definition
We can keep your lawn fertilized and looking green.  Shrubs, ground cover, and border plants will be pruned and shaped to allow for healthy growth